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How To Get Here?

Here are the options:

By our minivan: We can pick you up free of charge from the main bus stop of Inari (Inari) or from hotels in the village.

By car: The base camp address is Sarviniementie 114, Inari. It is 1 km east of Sami Museum Siida, that is in the centre of Inari village.

By public bus: If you travel for example from Rovaniemi, the best option is public bus. Timetables are at  and your stop is Inari (the city, not Wilderness Hotel or Holiday village). Please let us know when we can pick you up (included).

By plane: The nearest airport is Ivalo.

You can take the 1h shuttle to our base camp, booking from here.

If you arrive from Kirkenes you can book the bus from Visit Inari.

By taxi: If you are far away from public transport or prefer private transport, please contact Ilmari Slant Ky to get a taxi to Lake Inari Mobile Cabins at Sarviniementie 114, Inari.

Please let us know your
arrival date and time.

Best way to do that is to contact us by responding to the welcome email, which is sent after you've booked your stay

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