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Grill Hut Restaurant

 Finnish food from Finnish ingredients

Grill Hut Restaurant

Grill Hut

Almost every Finnish family has one of these at their cabin or even at their back yard. Cozy hut for open fire dinner. Our hut can fit 16 person group.



Finnish sour bread with garlick&parsley butter. You can toast the bread on the fire.

Main course

1. White fish file

2. Reindeer sausage

3. Vegetarian stake

Main course is served on potato, carrot, swede bed that your chef prepares in the kitchen and finishes on open fire.


Hot Glögi with seasonal cookies


Inside Grill Hut Restaurant
Main course

This is how it goes

Dinner is served every evening at 6pm in our Grill Hut at the Basecamp.

We only serve the best well water at the dinner, but you can bring your own drinks if you want.

You can book the dinner when you're checking in, but not later than 3pm.

If you have special diet or allergies, just let us know and we do our best to answer your needs.

Some of our team always joins the dinner in the Hut

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