Lake Inari Mobile Cabins

Overnight on lake ice

The story
"I enjoy going on lake ice to see the northern lights wider. There in cold evening of winter 2012 I got the idea of building up a warm portable cabin for my own purpose. It was fun so I made another. Now we have 8 unique cabins for our guests to experience the lake." Esko, founder

This is how it goes

Base camp is near Inari village by Lake Inari. There you can join activities, enjoy famous sauna and local dinner by open fire or just rest in your cabin before night on the lake. Main building facilities are available as well: shared kitchen, dining room, living room, showers and restrooms.

At 8-9pm the guide toes the cabins by snowmobile about 1,5km to the lake ice for overnight. You are inside your cabin during moving.


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Northern lights are seen about 90% of the nights in September-April. About 50% of nights are cloudy... but normally not all night so be patient :-)


At 8-9am (or earlier if you wish) the guide starts to toe the cabins back to the base camp there you can wash up and enjoy breakfast by fire place.


Safety on ice

In the past years the safe ice-season has started:

in 2014 on 15th November

in 2015 on 6th December

in 2016 on 20th November

in 2017 on 22nd November

in 2018 on 25th November

in 2019 on 31st October

in 2020 on 1st December

in 2021 on 22nd November.

Ice stays safe at least until mid-April. Safe means more than 20cm clear ice.


If the weather forecast is below -30 degrees with wind chill or wind forecast is too hard then the cabins will be shorter time on lake ice, stay nearer than 1,5km or stay at the base camp. It happens a couple of times / season that lasts about 140 nights.

If you feel yourself ill, please let us know before you check in and enter the main building. We have organized more space in the main building to keep safe distances. Remember to wash and desinfect hands. If you feel ill we cannot move your cabin to the lake ice but stay onshore at the base camp.


At base camp there is same chance to see the northern lights and often they are seen already before 8pm and moving to the lake ice.


In Christmas time when daylight is short it may be possible to see northern lights between 3pm and 9am. In March the time is about between 9pm and 3am. Average temperature in winter is -13 degrees celcius.

Warmly welcome to Inari,

You will be a quest of our family.